24.03.2023 — 12.05.2023
24.03.2023, 17:00
Another Reading - Contemporary Book Design from China

From 24.03. to 12.05. we are open for the exhibition “Another Reading – Contemporary book design from China” and cordially invites you to the opening on 24.03. at 5 pm.

The exhibition creates a unique platform for pioneers of contemporary book design from China here in Berlin. Nearly 150 outstanding books with the finest Chinese printing and binding techniques can be explored up close. Topics range from traditional crafts and Chinese character design to modern Chinese literature and contemporary art.

More than 20 leading Chinese graphic designers in the field of contemporary book design are participating in the exhibition, especially many female designers. Although they come from different regions of China and different generations, they are all passionate about book design. However, what they earn from book design does not match their passion and work. Looking at these wonderful designs, we all know that it is the charm of books themselves that has driven these lively and influential designers in contemporary China.

We’re looking forward to having you!

Another Reading
Contemporary book design from China

March 24th, 5 pm (free entrance)

24.03. – 12.05.2023

Center for Visual Arts Berlin
Unter den Eichen 101,
12203 Berlin

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri 9.30 am – 4.30 pm
Sat/Sun 12.00 pm – 4.30 pm
(closed on Mondays)


5 Euro

3 Euro (reduced)

Book Designers:

Gu Hanyun / 顾瀚允

Guang Yu / 广煜

Jiang Qian & Qu Minmin / 蒋茜&曲闵民

Jiang Song / 姜嵩

Li Rang / 李让

Lu Mingjing / 鲁明静

Lü Jingren / 吕敬人

Lü Min / 吕旻

Ma Shirui / 马仕睿

Mak Kai-hang / 麦启桁

Pan Yanrong / 潘焰荣

Seki Kam / 汐和

Studio NA.EO(Mi He & Liu Zhizhi) / 立入禁止(迷盒&刘治治)

Sun Xiaoxi / 孙晓曦

UDL (Fang Jianping & Ding Fan) / UDL (方建平&丁凡)

Yin Linlin / 尹琳琳

Zhang Zhiqi / 张志奇

Zhao Qing / 赵清

Zhi Jin / 纸今

Zhou Chen / 周晨

Zhou Weiwei / 周伟伟

Zhu Chao / 朱超

24. March – 12. May 2023

Curation:He Jumping

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog, which can now be pre-ordered for 29€ at shop@hesign.com. All ordered catalogs will also include a ticket to the exhibition.