Design Summer 8

Design Summer 8 (Hangzhou) was held from July 12-20, 2016 at Hangzhou Phoenix Creative Park. We invited 6 lecturers and had 5 classes. 61 students participated in it. During the workshop, there was a design forum, inviting all lecturers to share their design experience with students.

Taku Satoh (Japan) + Jumping He (Germany/China) “Body and Line”
Serge Serov (Russia) “Poster Follows Love”
Guang Yu (Beijing) “Let’s talk about what’s you’re really interested in!”
Wang Xu (Guangzhou) “Overall Design Concept”
Mann Lao (Macau) “Graphic Emotion-Poster Graphics”

Design Summer 8 (Berlin) was held from July 24 to August 5, 2016. We first took six students on a week-long tour of visiting Gunter Rambow at Guestrow, Prof. Dirk Fuetterer at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld, and museums in Hamburg and Essen. In the second week, we invited the renowned designers Fons Hickmann, Niklaus Troxler, Patrick Thomas, and Lex Drewinski to give lectures.

Fons Hickmann “Print Media”
Niklaus Troxler “Visual Language”
Lex Drewinski “Graphic Design”
Patrick Thomas “Creativity”