Design Summer 10

Design Summer 10 (Hangzhou) was held from July 23 to August 1, 2018 at Hangzhou Phoenix Creative Park. We invited 12 lecturers and had 8 classes. 123 students participated in it.

Markus Weisbeck (Germany) + Vera Kunz (Germany) “Space for Visual Research”
Felix Pfäffli (Switzerland) + Raphael Leutenegger (Switzerland) “Poster Graphics”
Nod Young (Beijing) “Brand and Visual Identity”
Henning Wagenbreth (Germany) “Understanding the world through drawing illustration”
Yoshiaki Irobe (Japan) + Jumping He (Germany/China) “Marks and Arrows”
Masayoshi Kodaira (Japan) “Design in Printing”
Ingo Offermanns (Germany) “Books and magazines”
Wang Xu (Guangzhou) + Mei Shuzhi (Hangzhou) “Memphis and the Insect”

To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Design Summer, we held a poster exhibition “10 years of Design Summer”, showing theme posters designed by former lecturers and students, and exhibition “Cake / Studio Feixen”. During the workshop, we held a two-day design forum. The title is “Contemporary Technology and Contemporary Design”. In addition to 12 lecturers, we also invited 10 Chinese young designers, Fang Jianping, Ding Fan, Xia Yu, Lian Jie, Gu Hanyun, Pan Yanrong, Fu Xilin, Yu Qiongjie, Hou Ying, and Mei Shuzhi to share their design with students.

Design Summer 10 (Berlin) was held from August 4-15, 2018. For the first week, 17 students studied with Prof. Erich Brechbühl, and Stefan Guzy, Björn Wiede from Zwölf Studio at Berlin. Then, we led students on a field trip from Berlin to Paris, visiting Städel Museum at Frankfurt, and Götz Gramlich at Heidelberg. Besides famous attraction in Paris like Louvre Museum, and Pompidou Center, we also visited Change is Good studio to know more about graphic design in Paris.

Erich Brechbühl “Typeface and graphic in creativity”
Stefan Guzy + Björn Wiede “Graphic+Printing”