Design Summer 9

Design Summer 9 (Hangzhou) was held from July 16-25, 2017 at Hangzhou Phoenix Creative Park. We invited 10 lecturers and had 8 classes. 89 students participated in it. During the workshop, there was a design forum, inviting all lecturers to share their design experience with students.

Annik Troxler (Switzerland) “Image & Typography”
Katsumi Asaba (Japan) + Jumping He (Germany/China) “Feelings of Text”
Radovan Jenko (Slovenia) “Alluring Messages of Illustration”
Melk Imboden (Switzerland) “Music Design”
Henry Steiner (Hong Kong) + Ying Hou (Beijing) “Cross-Cultural Design”
Alex Jordan (France/ Germany) “What’s wrong?”
Zhao Qing (Nanjing) “Beauty of Books”
Lech Majewski (Poland) “Form of Graphics”

Design Summer 9 (Berlin) was held from July 31 to August 11, 2017. The first week was comprised of a series of academic workshops in Berlin. We invited Fons Hickmann, Niklaus Troxler, Patrick Thomas, and Sebastian Bissinger to give lectures. The second week, we led students on a field trip from Berlin to Amsterdam. Starting with a study visit to Prof. Marcus Dreßen, we continued on our way to Amsterdam and visited one of the world’s most influential art exhibitions, the documenta 14 in Kassel. In Amsterdam, we visited major design studios Lava Design (Irma Boom/Hans Wolbers), Thonik (Nikki Gonnissen), as well as Studio Jaques Koeweiden.

Fons Hickmann “Print Media”
Niklaus Troxler “Visual Language”
Patrick Thomas “Screen Printing”
Sebastian Bissinger “Book Design”